PERBIZGRO was created as an initiative to help Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Succeed with their Business online by providing marketing strategies and training prepared for permanent growth.


In PERBIZGRO we are focused to help Entrepreneurs, Online Marketers & Small Business Owners grow their business by leveraging the Internet.

A successful business starts with the right set of mind of an Entrepreneur. We provide technical strategies but we also focus on Personal Development which is a key of every small and big success.

We Help You With:

  • Branding
  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Leadership Development

The New Economy:

The education system was developed over 100 years ago to train students to become dependable factory workers, who would show up on time, perform routine tasks, and not question their superiors. If you haven’t noticed, we’re in a new age (the Technology Age). You’ll learn how to “reprogram” your mind to take advantage of our New Economy and all the opportunities it offers.

4 years of experience in Online Business, I have invested the vast majority of time and money. But I wasn’t happy with my results so I kept learning strategies and formulas that Top Marketers used to achieve their goals and applied them to my own life and business.

Discovering the Marketing Techniques, Personal Development, and many other Entrepreneurial secrets, gave me a great strategy to work with. Applying various techs to my own business, I began to develop a strong understanding of things that worked and things that didn’t work so well. PERBIZGRO.com shares things that worked for my business growth.

I hope you make the most of it!

“Once You Defeat Your Own Negative Thoughts You Become Unbreakable”

Yuki Migas

Our job is to connect with people, to interact with them, and providing solutions People look for!

Social Media marketing isn’t all about promoting your business but putting values out there. It takes some time to create momentum through social media, but seeing the bigger picture and keep working persistently is the key.

PERBIZGRO shares social media strategies for the business growth so you can increase your profits.

Let’s create your business momentum together!

“The Key to the Social Media marketing is – Persistence”


Tanya Aliza
Marcin Marczak
Yong Ma
“Dear Kamil. Many thanks for my dear tutor Kamil. He guide me a right path and help me to find my roots of problems. I am a Chinese, I am living in Wuhan city of China now. I am studying for my PhD degree, but I often worked inefficiently. I feel very worried and depressed, I think I am a loser. After I had a chat with Kamil, I finally knew that why I can’t do everything efficiently and what person I want to be. At the same time, Kamil told me that how to find a right path for mine. I am very grateful for this free consultation from Kamil, thanks for his kindness and help”
Karine Renaud
“Having a 15 years background in the video game Industry I have had the chance to work alongside a lot of highly skilled programmers and technical people. My work experience with Kamil has been one of the best. On top of being highly skilled and knowledgeable Kamil is a hard worker who is very professional, communicates well and is able to think outside of the box to provide solutions when needed. Also, every time he is on a task he executes his work quickly and effectively. I highly recommend him for your online business needs.”

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