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Every business has to work its way through strong competitors, new trends, and fast-growing technology. We support companies with our knowledge, experience and we always help companies to breakthrough challenges.

We build long relationships with our clients, based on understanding, trust & professionalism. We offer High-Quality Support & Consultations for individual business needs. Our coaches teach & help our clients with online/offline marketing, product creation, team management, IT technologies, designs, front-end & back-end products management, business cost management, business plan, ideas & growth structure.

To our clients, we offer our time and skills. We react to client’s needs, having brainstorming meetings about ideas and we offer our advice. PERBIZGRO & Partners knowledge & experience allow us to complete difficult tasks & overcome even the biggest obstacles. However, we believe that breakthrough comes when we are all working together with our clients & our partners.

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Our Statisfied Customers

Running a company only with the insurance and without a well-prepared strategy could be too complicated and not effective. Currently, more than ever we live in the world of new opportunities, because of that each company – no matter of the current results – can be more effective and can grow to a totally new level.

PERBIZGRO stands for Permanent Business Growth and this is our main focus when we prepare things for our clients.
With partners, we teach how to move from offline business to online business, how to target and attract High-Paying clients how to make your brand stand out and how to duplicate your monthly revenue. We prepare specific training for our clients, to make sure everyone get’s their questions answered.

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About Founders

Kamil & Yuki were running many businesses. Through the years they learned a lot and discovered a lot of holes in the systems. While meeting other entrepreneurs they realized that many companies could grow much faster with just a few small tweaks. While learning new business strategies, they decided to start a Training & Consulting Company to help Entrepreneurs Thrive.

Kamil Migas

CEO, Co-Founder

``I love talking to entrepreneurs. I can learn really a lot from them & if someone hits a wall I always try to find a way to help that person``


Yuki Migas

CFO, Co-Founder

``Always, trying to be honest. Even sometimes the truth hurts. It's better to learn from a mistake than moving backward not knowing why``


Clients & Testimonials

Every day we are working to meet our client's needs.
We appreciate very short & long testimony. We are also thankful for any feedback, thanks to it we can become better.

I am highly delighted for the quality and impact the training has given to me. I am seriously recommending it for any potential newbie or experienced internet business guy for knowledge enhancement and earnings skyrocketing.


The information provided is very clear and challenges you to gain a better understanding of the franchise business. To date, I was truly unaware of the numerous franchised business types available. Very helpful training!


OK! This is serious. My business needed some change so I asked perbizgro's for an advice. I wasn't sure BUT, after I applied the knowledge perbizgro gave me I almost doubled my commissions! You gotta try the Business Bundle 5!



“Many thanks for my dear tutor Kamil Migas. He guide me a right path and help me to find my roots of problems. I am a Chinese, I am living in Wuhan city of China now. I am studying for my PhD degree, but I often worked inefficiently. I feel very worried and depressed, I think I am a loser. After I had a chat with Kamil, I finally knew why I can’t do everything efficiently and what person I want to be. At the same time, Kamil told me how to find a right path of mine. I am very grateful for this consultation with Kamil, thanks for his kindness and help”


“Having a 15 years background in the video game industry I have had the chance to work alongside a lot of highly skilled programmers and technical people. My work experience with Kamil has been one of the best. On top of being highly skilled and knowledgeable Kamil is a hard worker who is very professional, communicates well and is able to think outside of the box to provide solutions when needed. Also, every time he is on a task he executes his work quickly and effectively. I highly recommend him for your business needs”