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The Reality Of Doing Business Online

The first thing you should know is that just about every internet marketing guru only gives you about hald the story.

For instance, if you go to Clickbank.com, and look in the E-commerce section, you’ll see what I call “the dark side” of Internet Marketing. A whole bunch of people talking about how easy it is to make money online… how they’ve discovered some “push button software” that makes $15,434 a week… and how you can do it too, if you’ll just pay them $37.00.

We’ve been deceived by those “dark side” marketers for a long time.

You don’t need an acclaimed guru to make six figures. You need a proven system, where you can predict your success even before stepping out. Video sales copy can be deceptive. That’s why when you watch some mediocre product videos you be tempted to buy. We’ve been tempted too.

But here’s the thing… you and we know that most of these guys don’t make money doing the things they teach. They make money by selling “how to make money online” stuff.

That’s it.

The reason they’re able to make so much money with it is because they’re all trading/sharing their lists with each other.

It’s a fact that these so-called gurus tend to have lists in the hundreds of thousands of names, and all they do when they release a product is promote each other’s stuff to their list. You may not believe it, but the majority of these gurus often know little about lead generation and communicating value to their target audience. They just share, the same customers over and over again, and because they’re all promoting one course at the same time there is massive social proof. I just let you in on the greatest secrets they cherish – now you know better.

The truth is, building an online business is very hard work, and it’s rarely as easy as the gurus make it out to be. Now don’t get me wrong, of course there are shortcuts and easier ways to make money online than being stuck to your computer forty hour a week.

But, if you’re going to go down the traditional route of making money online there will be times when you find this really hard.

The Typical Journey Of An Internet Marketer

If you can, I’ve got some bad news for you – If you keep doing what you’re doing and don’t make any changes, you’ll continue to stay stuck.

Like I said, 97% of people in Internet Marketing don’t make money, and that’s because they’re focusing on all the wrong things.

The Internet Marketing Myth that everyone can get rich quick is what we call “the elephant in the room”. It’s a reality that no one really seems to want to address aone has been able to find a solution to… until now.

The truth is that if you’ve been struggling to make it online – and you’re not yet making the kind of money you’d like – it’s not your fault, because you’ve been misled.

You’ve been told that this business is all about getting more traffic. In fact, it’s about something entirely different.

The Major Hurdles No One Tells You About

When you’re new, you don’t know how to create an offer. You don’t know how to write copy.
You don’t know how to create your own info-products. And like most newbies online, it gets pretty overwhelming when you have to learn all of this. Unless you’re willing to put in a solid 10 hours a day for at least a year, you don’t stand a chance – there’s way too much to learn.

It’s a ttough path to go down, and one that very few people succeed in.

When you have any products you sell online, you have to go through a series of steps FIRST before you can turn cold traffic into warm leads and then hot buyers…

– Drive traffic to a squeeze page, which collects the names and email addresses of every person who opts into your list.
– Send a series of emails to pre-sell traffic and make them receptive to your products.
– Create webinars and trainings to sell them on your products.
– Create email sequences to promote those webinars and trainings.
– Send your pre-sold leads to a sales page to convert leads to buyers.

This process is known as a sales funnel. A sales funnel needs squeeze pages, email auto-responsers and sales pages.

Here’s the catch… you need to be a superb copywriter to write them (which can take years of practice and study) or you need to hire a copywriter. A good copywriter can charge thousands of dollars for just ONE component in this sales funnel.

Once the copy is in place, you then need to know how to setup and integrate systems so it’s all automated.

This process is such a hurdle for newcomers to overcome that many people opt to find someone who already has a proven product and drive traffic to their website for a percentage of the sale (usually a 30% to 50% commission). This model is known as “affiliate marketing”.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a business model whereby you (the affiliate) promote other people’s products to potential buyers. When a sale is made, you earn a commission. The commission is usually 30% to 50% especially on sites like Clickbank.com and Clicksure.com

Affiliate marketing can take several forms. In fact, a lot of us started our online businesses promoting other people’s product for a cut. It can be profitable for newbie marketers and comes with a lot of benefits.

The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

1. It does not require a sizable investment on your part (the affiliate). This means you can get started today and start making money. The affiliate marketing program provides an easy way to create additional sources of income for website publishers and owners. Marketing banners of merchants’ products generate instant sales wherein you get a commission.

2.The affiliate (you) does not have to bother about customer service, bookkeeping and accounting, and refunds since in affiliate marketing, the merchant (product owner) takes care of everything. All you are required to do is pre-sell the buyer and lead them to the sales page.

3. As an affiliate marketer, you’re your own boss and can work at your pace. No matter where you currently live or the situation of your country, you can work part time, full time and make ENOUGH money to live a worthwhile life.

4. An affiliate doesn’t need to quit his/her job as yet. You can combine your present job and use affiliate marketing income to supplement your income. Even while on holiday or vacation, with your laptop connected to the Internet, you can earn enough income to live the Dot Com Lifestyle.

…And so much more