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3 Things That Stop You Grow

By Kamil Migas

I learned something very powerful from one of my favorite Book. We all live in the same universe. The universe that has same principals and rules for everything on this planet.

Humans, animals, plants we are all part of nature, don’t we?
Think about a plant in your house or tree next to your garage. If that plant doesn’t grow what happens to it? Does it stay all the time green and beautiful without changing its shape? Of course no, if it’s not growing it is dying.
It happens to everything in nature, the same case is with us.

When you were a kid you had dreams, your imagination was preventing you studying in school. Every single day you were growing and learning new skills, new things about world and people. Then you became Adult, you went to work, created a beautiful family and YOU HIT THE SPOT where you stopped growing, you stopped dreaming.
Why does this phenomenon happen to almost all of us?

3 Things That Stop You

One reason is Fear – You need to get secured for your life and your family. You can’t follow your dreams, you are not a kid anymore, what if it’s just A DREAM and you will fail to try to do what you want to do?

The second reason is Lack of Time and Energy – you wake up every morning, you go to work, when you come back you take care of your children and at the end, you are so exhausted that you just want to sleep. Next day everything starts all over again.

The third reason I believe is lack of support – Ok, maybe your wife or husband or few friends will support you but it’s just small group of people comparing to the whole world. This one actually goes back to the FEAR of rejection.
As I write above, if a plant is not growing its dying. If you are not growing you are what? …..(fill out the blank.)
If you stop pushing yourself if you stop learning new skills you are just waiting for your death. There is no such a thing as stable being, you are going UP or you are going DOWN. I don’t care how old you are, you can be 10 y/o or 80 y/o you still can get to where you want to go. We are not getting younger, every second our life is getting shorter and shorter. Many people KNOW about it but don’t really realize that.

You are afraid of taking action, following your dream?
Are you afraid of getting embarrassed? After few seconds it will be just past, nothing real only memory.

You don’t have enough time because you are exhausted and you need to sleep? Let me tell you what makes you exhausted. It’s not that you are working full time, taking care of kids and helping your mother. You are exhausted because your job is not what you want to do, you are exhausted because deep inside you know you should be working on your dream, you know you should be somewhere else. That’s what makes you really exhausted but you can’t see it cuz you hide this feeling behind the Blame.

Don’t you have enough people who support you? Do you support yourself? 9/10 the answer will be NO. Listen to me, before you will get somebody that believes in you and will support YOU have to believe in yourself first. If you don’t fully believe in yourself why somebody else should believe in you?
There are a lot of things to think of after reading this blog post but I promise you if you get it deeply and you will find the point in your life that matches with one of those 3 above. And if you work hard or realizing and changing it you will be amazed at how Great you are.
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