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Achieve Goals In Life

By Kamil Migas

Do you know how to achieve goals in life? Great skills and knowledge are not enough to achieve goals. There are few things that help you achieve goals in life and business. Read this blog article to learn how to achieve goals in life and business.

Everybody has some goals that would like to achieve. Some are small life goals and some are big Entrepreneurial goals, but the question is how to achieve them.

To achieve goals, you need to be specific.

First of all, you need to ask yourself what are your goals and be very specific. People say “I want to achieve goals” but when we ask them about details they get stuck and they can’t say the details. For example, let’s say that your goal is to buy a big house with a pool. This goal is nice and anybody can achieve it but if you don’t get into details it will be hard to achieve is no matter how you try. If I as somebody who has this kind of goal about the details as the location of the house, a color of the walls, how the bathroom or kitchen will look like they will get stuck. They may able to answer those questions but it will take some time. If you want to achieve goals, you need to be really clear about them and you should be able to answer those questions immediately.
Goals are a part of a vision of who you want to become in the future. The vision is something much bigger than goals and I am not gonna talk much about it in this article.

To achieve goals things don’t need to be perfect.

Practice is one of the keys. There is no person who is a master of something before they learn and practice. To achieve goals, in my opinion, a mindset is the most important but learning new skills will help you achieve goals faster, much faster. Either it’s skills or mindset you need to keep practicing and improving. You can read a great article about setting goals and practicing here.

To achieve goals create an action plan.

You need to look forward and prepare yourself. Trying one thing today and another tomorrow is fooling and a total waste of time. Do you want to achieve goals or you want to make yourself feel better by “TRYING” to achieve goals? You need to create an action plan and see the steps you need to take to achieve goals and reach your vision. The action plan doesn’t have to be perfect but you need to see the steps on the paper and prepare for them. Your action plan should be written on paper, don’t even bother to make it up in your head believing you will remember your steps, this won’t work. No matter how much tech. the person you use that pen and paper, write down your goals and as writing them down analyze the process that will help you achieve goals.
I found another great article that explains a little bit more about creating an action plan and why you need to write it down, you can read it here.

Here is an amazing article on how to achieve goals.

The steps you need to take to achieve goals are very important, the time of preparation is the key to learning and become great at what you do to achieve goals faster. Watch this short video about setting goals and moving forward from Prince Ea.

To achieve goals you need to ask “Why?”

Very simple but important question. If I ask you Why do you want to achieve goals you choose? would you be able to answer? It’s a good thing to take a little time to ask yourself “Why I want to achieve those goals?”. There can be millions of reasons and I can’t help you with finding the “Why”, it’s your thing. While answering the “why” question to yourself be specific and honest, even it seems selfish, embarrassing or ridiculous. No one hears you, it’s your goals so be really honest with yourself. On WikiHow, you can read a little bit more about goal settings, great information provided on this page may help you answer the “How to achieve goals” question.

So the importance of preparing your mindset, practice and growing your skills are the keys to achieve goals but there is one more and probably the most important thing…..

To achieve goals you can not give up!

Many people too soon give up on their goals. Achieving anything is not easy, the word “achieve” means “To gain with effort or despite difficulty” (find more about the word definition here. So if it was easy to achieve goals instead of using this word we would use some other words with a “softer” meaning.
The key to achieving goals is not to give up. You need to fight for your dreams and you can’t let anyone to steal your dreams or stop you from achieving your goals. Believe me, once you step on the path to achieving your goals there are gonna be many people who will try to stop you on purpose and those that will try to stop you by caring about you. It will be hard to believe when your loved ones who care about you try to stop you from achieving your goals and dreams.

Usually, those people are just overprotective and THEY BELIEVE that you are just hurting yourself and at the end, you will get disappointed. Don’t forget that they are not you, they have their own life and they choose to live the way they do, so If you have big goals don’t let anyone stop you or even disrupt you from going forward. I don’t remember when it was but my mother told me “hey maybe you should change the flat and rent something cheaper, this kind of nice flat is not for poor people like us”. I was like WHAT?! Like us?! Speak for yourself! At that time, I realized that she already gave up a better life and automatically she believes that her kids will go the same road as she did and keep doing. It was kinda disappointing but it fired me up so much, because of this one sentence I am ready to achieve whatever I want to achieve no matter the obstacles and circumstances.

Unfortunately, some people instead of firing up they get depressed and hopeless. Remember that you are you, you are not your parents, friends or neighbors. If you want to achieve goals and do something great don’t let anyone stop you! That’s my wish, I believe you can become unstoppable and that you can achieve goals, the small goals, and the big one. If you have a big obstacle or someone who tries to stop you and you feel like you won’t be able to handle it send me an email, I will help you to figure it out and push you to help you achieve goals, no matter how big or ridiculous they are.

Best regards to you, remember to focus, ask yourself the “why” question and become unstoppable. If you do it we will see each other on the beaches of the world!

If you want to share your goals and the struggles you currently have sent me an email or write them down in the comment box below this article!

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