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Business Online – Step By Step

By Kamil Migas

Business Online is getting very popular for people who want to work from home or just want to know how to make money online. Business Online gives you flexibility and unlimited options, but to be able to grow your Business Online fast you should follow this few steps.

1. Problem Solving

This is one of the most important keys to business online or offline. If you want to grow your Business you need to solve people’s problems. Too many people think that all the sales etc. is all about the perfect pitch. Well, being able to communicate well with your prospect is important but at the end, people will buy from you if they believe that your product or service can solve their problem.

So first thing you need to ask yourself: “What problem my service or product solves?“.

2. Show To More People

Now when you know what problems your product or service solves your need to show it to people. There are 2 strategies that you can use to show your Business presentation to people: Active Prospecting & Passive Marketing.

Simply Active Prospecting is reaching out to people 1 by 1 and talking about your opportunity or product.
Passive Marketing is a marketing strategy where you set some pages, posts, videos etc. on the internet that will attract your potential clients.

To grow your business online you should learn about Attraction Marketing because this is the most powerful marketing strategy on earth. Why? Because you attract the right people to your business. With attraction marketing you don’t target everyone who is on Facebook or Google+, you target people who are already “HUNGRY” for your opportunity or product.

To build your business online you need to know also, that even you use the Attraction Marketing strategy and even your product is the best in the world, not everybody will join your opportunity or buy your products. To not get too stressed that only 25% of your audience purchases something from you focus on showing your thing to more people.
If your closing rate is let’s say 15% then you make 15 sales when 100 people see your product. So if you want to sell more, simply show it to 1000 people, and then instead of 15 sales, you will make 150. This is just simple math.

So the key is to Attract More People to your product or business presentation.

3. Business Online – Lead Generation

People who make a lot of money with their online businesses are focusing on building their mailing list. Lead Generation is extremely important because without this you will need to CHASE new people every single day for years if you would want to keep growing your business.

Building your business Online is now about working harder for 12 hours every day, it’s about working less and working SMARTER.

Some people make a mistake thinking that a friend on your facebook is a lead. I would say that they are more just a Contact List. Leads are people who got interested in your offer and personally GAVE YOU their contact info so you could send them more details. So your Facebook Friends didn’t an option in any Capture Form to become your Facebook Friends.

A true lead generation is where you put some problem-solving solution behind the lead capture page and you attract people to it. When someone wants to receive your free giveaway they have to enter their Name and Email to Open The Door to your Free Giveaway.  This is how you build a list of potential clients online.

Your Free Giveaway could be anything that helps to solve your potential client’s problem. This could be a PDF, MP3 file, a note from a business event or a free 30 min. coaching call. So it depends on your business type and your product focuses on creating a simple free giveaway to start building your mailing list.

4. Focus On Mindest To Grow Your Business Online

Before you say “I don’t need this Brain Washing“, I want you to realize that everything you do comes from the way you are thinking. Whatever you are attempting to do, groceries, business, sports etc. starts with your thoughts.
If you want to cook a delicious meal for your family first you think what they like, then you think what products mixed together will taste good and then you go to a shop to buy it. Whatever we do works same, it starts with a simple thought.

When it comes to business, your actions and your strength come from your thoughts as well. You need to work on your mindset. Because if you didn’t succeed till now, there is a huge possibility that you have a lot of not successful and non-supportive beliefs and thoughts. The scariest part is that you probably don’t even know about it. You are going to get obstacles and challenges in your journey. So the right mindset is necessary to build an online business.

These are the 4 extremely important steps to constantly grow your business online. It doesn’t really matter what type of business you are doing. Affiliate Marketing, Online Shop etc. it all comes to these 4 steps which you need to learn and use if you want to grow your online business.

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