Content marketing is about information. It is the marketing of a business, service, product or brand through the sharing of educational, insightful or entertaining information that will help readers improve their knowledge and skills. Content marketing is also a strategic approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, consistent and relevant content to attract a defined audience and drive profitable customer action. Content marketing can be created in many formats like Blog articles, Videos, Podcasts, Emails, Infographics, Cartoons, eBooks or Quizzes.

Content marketing is also a must for the SEO, with specific keywords and specific information through content marketing your business can appear at the top of the results in many search engines.

Core Values

Competitor Research

We will check and analyze your competitors, to make sure that what you have is just better

Articles / Posts

We are going to write articles/post for you based on your target market and SEO practice


Our team is going to write topic based comments on multiple websites mentioning your company


You are going to have all rights to do whatever you want with your articles, you will own everything

Checking / Editing

We will check your old articles and update them using fresh ideas and SEO strategy

SEO Focus

Every content action taken by our team on your site will include advance SEO strategy

Our goal is to attract new potential clients to your business, so we don’t limit our service only to writing interesting articles on your websites. We do much more!
through our content marketing service, you can get high-ranking articles on your page or other popular pages, we can write guest posts for you or write about you in our articles on our site. We can write SEO targeted comments on your pages, we can mention you in comments on other websites.

This is just a beginning. Content marketing is not only text on a website. It’s a high SEO and audience targeted knowledge shared to all over the internet with a strategic plan to drive sales for you. To help you grow, we can create info videos, infographics, articles, comments, reviews, testimonies and more.

This Service Includes:

Content writing / rewriting


Image creation / redesign

Video creation / editing

SEO Implementation

Special Requests

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Service
Approximate execution time: 3 days / continuous service
Original content, source information, full copyrights

*all prices are decided individually based on client’s requests
*it’s allowed to customize the order after the project starts