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Dealing With A Difficult Past – Success Tips

By Kamil Migas

Many entrepreneurs struggle with the Difficult Past which prevents them to succeed. Read this post to see how you can deal with a Difficult Past.

When we are growing we learn new things about people and the world around us. This knowledge is necessary to live but more than often we learn things that don’t serve us at all. Usually, those not serving things are about us but it’s made up of people who just had a different opinion, those who were bullying us and those who just didn’t know any better. There are also our own mistakes that can damage our self-worth and can put a big question mark on our importance in this world.

Unfortunately, those things have a big impact on us, Entrepreneurs. We don’t even realize that we are carrying a heavy stone of our past everywhere we go. Even people point it out more than often we don’t even want to believe it and we keep carrying this stone from the past that prevents us from flying.

Difficult Past is a Past

People often say that a difficult past is just a past and that we can’t do anything about it. Yes, we can’t do anything about our difficult past but it’s actually very important puzzle on your entrepreneurial journey. If you try to ignore all the bad things that happened in your past, you are going to carry the Invisible but very heavy stone with you all the time. Entrepreneurs are born to fly and help other people reach their goals but if you keep carrying that negative and heavy baggage you will never be able to fly.

Be Grateful

Personally, I had some difficult past as well. My mother yelling all day long, constant bullying in school and even in the house. Father that was nice but didn’t do much to prevent this emotional abuse in the house. There are lots more things, but maybe I will talk about it the other day.

It’s hard to deal with the bad things that happened to you, but those things that happened to you made you who you are today. Maybe if you didn’t have difficult past and everything came to you easily now you would be a jerk. But because you came through some emotional stages in your life you care about people more than a person who didn’t go through the things you did. Be grateful that the difficult situations taught you something, maybe now you can use this knowledge to help or support others.

The first key to dealing with a difficult past is to be Grateful for what happened to you.

Step Up and Forgive

Being an Entrepreneur is not only about making a million dollar business. It’s about personal development, achievements, contribution, and forgiveness.

The invisible stone keeps you on the ground more than you can expect. If your difficult past involves other people, you need to step up and reach out to them. It’s not easy at all. You will be going through a lot of emotions, maybe you will be panicking or crying, but you need to Step Up if you want to Succeed.

Reach out to those who hurt you if you can reach them and tell them how you felt and that you forgive them. There might be many different responses to it, but don’t worry. It’s not about them, it’s about helping you get rid of the heavy stone that keeps you in the world of the Impossible.

The second key: Forgiveness is the best painkiller.

Do Better

If the thing that holds your back came from your own mistakes, do the same thing but do it better. People say “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” but this is not true if you don’t learn anything. If you keep making the same mistake at least 4 times it means that you didn’t learn anything and this subconsciously damages your self-worth. What doesn’t kill you doesn’t have to make you stronger if you don’t learn a lesson.

You can keep making mistakes, but at least each time you attempt to do the same thing, do it a bit better than the previous time.

The third key: Learn from your mistakes, even if it’s painful you gotta learn at least a bit.

CEO & Co-Founder at PERBIZGRO LLC I love talking to entrepreneurs. I can learn really a lot from them & if someone hits a wall I always try to find a way to help that person. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you for reading my article!

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