Entrepreneurial Mindset – 5 Ways To Improve

By Kamil Migas

There are many ways to improve the Entrepreneurial Mindset but people don’t talk about 1 Very Important Problem that stops your Entrepreneurial Mindset from growing.

As probably you know mindset is one of the major keys to succeeding. Your business or company is not just a building with employees. You are the business, so your creativity, the way you handle things, how open minded you are etc. causes a business to grow or fail.

The most successful people are constantly improving their Entrepreneurial Mindset.
They know that their constant growth will help their businesses and their employees or teammates. Unfortunately, so many amazing people struggle with improving their mindset. Below you can find some powerful ways to keep improving your Mindset.

5 Ways To Improve Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

1. Keep reading Business and Personal Development Books and Magazines. I don’t recommend reading those things on the internet much because it has less power. You should take at least 20 min every day to read a chapter of a book or read some business magazine that will help you grow your Mindset. Reading it on the paper is important because you won’t get distracted by Ads or Facebook Notification, and you can think deeply about the meaning of the message that is in the book or an article.

2. Talk to more people. This is a must thing if you want to improve your mindset, especially in these days. Talking to people face to face or at least on the phone will help your vocabulary, will make your brain work better, you will get better at communication skills. Did you notice that 75% of people that are walking on the street right now is using mobile phones chatting with someone or playing some game on the social media? Soon or later people won’t be able to talk to another human being face to face and for sure they won’t be able to read any emotions that are coming from the conversations. From time to time instead of sending a text message call that person or go visit that person if he or she lives close.

3. Do what you can to step out from your comfort zone. I know, stepping out from your comfort zone is not easy and scary. Who would want to get uncomfortable, but if you want to have better results and if you want to grow your Entrepreneurial Mindset this is a step that you can’t miss. Your current results come from habits, experiences and the knowledge you learned inside your comfort zone. So as long as you stay in your crazy comfort circle you won’t get better results, don’t even dream about it. You can step out, little by little. Big and fast progress is way better but if you really can’t do it than small steps forward are great as well. Step out from your comfort zone today.

4. Listen more. Many young entrepreneurs get overexcited and they keep speaking about their ideas, plans and about their stories. This doesn’t get you to anywhere often. Instead of “puking” your life story on somebody start to listening to others stories and ideas. Learning new things from someone’s experiences is very powerful and it builds you up from the inside. So instead of opening your mouth all the time everywhere start listening and when you have some question ask when it’s the right time for it.

A thing that people don’t pay attention to

5. People always say that it’s all about the mindset. Your way of thinking, your habits, your energy, your emotional states etc. will lead you to success or failure. Well, I do agree with it. But we need to focus on 1 important thing that a lot of people don’t even pay attention to it. All successful people, motivational speakers and awesome leaders say “Your mind controls your body“, “Whatever you can think of you can get it / create it“.

What if the roles of Mind and body are reversed? Yeah, that’s right. What if your body starts to control your mind and you will feel like in the jail of your own body? In these case no matter how much you will try to grow your mindset it won’t happen. I am not telling you this so you could use it as an excuse. What I mean is that if for a long time you didn’t get results or you are struggling for so long time already then it might be time for you to check your body.

There are many body diseases that can affect your mind. For example, docs found that I have a serious problem with the Thyroid. Thyroid creates hormones that control our energy and emotions. Since my Thyroid was not working well, my energy and emotional states weren’t well as well. I felt so tired all the time, didn’t want to do anything, I was forgetting so many things, I was angry, frustrated and kinda depressed.

I went to live training, bought courses and constantly I was doing efforts to grow biz and get better results. Nothing worked.  Not saying that my Thyroid is the main reason but as a doctor said it has really impacted the energy flow in my body and my emotional states so it wasn’t easy for me to remember things and even do the things I supposed to be doing. I knew how to do it but didn’t have enough energy to even start.

I do agree with the statement “Mind controls your body” but sometimes we need to look at the reversed version of it. Because many people are going crazy to find a reason for their failures, but they don’t realize that sometimes we might find a reason in a simple blood test.

it doesn’t take a long time and depends on where you live it doesn’t cost much, so I suggest you check your body before you start to freak out and feel like a loser because your mindset is bad. Start working on your Mindset when you know that your body doesn’t prevent your mind from growing.

CEO & Co-Founder at PERBIZGRO LLC I love talking to entrepreneurs. I can learn really a lot from them & if someone hits a wall I always try to find a way to help that person. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you for reading my article!

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