Follow Your Dreams – Tips and Motivation

By Staff
In June 29, 2018

Everybody has dreams and everybody wants to achieve something. But sometimes the dream or goal that we have seemed it’s impossible to achieve. There are few things that make you feel that you can’t make your dream come true.

Follow Your Dreams – Obstacle #1

Not believing in yourself. There are many factors that could damage your self-esteem but the most common thing that made you not believing in yourself is one of your parents or both of them. I had a problem with self-esteem for a long time. The reason of it was my mother, who constantly was saying that I am an idiot, dumb and that I can’t do anything. Recently I had a conversation with her about it and she told me that she was saying that as a “JOKE”. Well for her maybe it was just kidding but seems like it wasn’t funny for a little boy.

Realize how many things you accomplished till now. A super negative person would say “I didn’t achieve anything“, but that’s not true. There are hundreds of small achievements in your life which you don’t even realize. First kiss, first date, finishing school, getting the first job, getting promoted at work, getting married, having kids, getting a driver license. These are all achievements, small but still achievements. Do you know how to tie shoelaces or how to speak your language? Awesome! You are capable of learning and achieving something!

If you get to the point that you start to doubt yourself, remind that you’ve made hundreds of small achievements in your life. You are not a loser! The first step to follow your dreams is to believe in yourself.

“If you Believe in yourself, anything is possible”

Follow Your Dreams – Obstacle #2

Lack of knowledge. The stupidest thing ever is to say that you know everything even your results are horrible. Many people say that they know everything, but when we ask them “Do you make enough money to be Free?” or “Are you happy?”, most of the people would say “NO“. If you want to follow your dreams and if you want to make your dreams come true, don’t pretend that you know everything. Because if you did know everything, you wouldn’t read this post.

To follow your dreams you need to learn more. Read books, follow people who achieved the same or similar goal, find a mentor, coach, go to seminars and keep learning new strategies which will help you to make your dream come true.

Follow Your Dreams – 4 Steps

1. Create a Vision
2. Create a Plan
3. Stay Motivated
4. Take Action

Create a Vision. Use 15-30 min every day to think about your Vision. What you want to achieve, who do you want to become etc? A Vision is not just an image of a brand new car in your head. Strong and Bright vision is more about feelings. Keep imagining the feeling of you driving that car, the feeling of you going by that car to meet an old friend who didn’t believe that you can succeed. FEEL YOUR FUTURE.

Create a Plan. Trying to achieve something without a plan is like trying to build a house without a blueprint. Maybe with a bit of luck, you could build a house without a blueprint but it won’t be perfect and it won’t be stable.
Same is with following your dreams without having a plan. During your journey, you can change or add something to your plan. Not having any plan won’t take you anywhere. You will be just walking around and wishing that someone will deliver your dream to you. You gotta make a plan, if you want to be able to earn $10 million per year, then first create a plan on how to make $80K per year. Start with small steps and when you are close to achieving the first milestone, upgrade your plan to be able to earn $150K per year.

Stay Motivated. Motivation is very important because, without a motivation, you will give up because there are going to be a lot of obstacles during your journey. The easiest way to stay motivated is constantly feeding your mind with your Vision but there are more powerful technics to stay motivated.

Take Action. A Vision, motivation or having a plan is nothing if you don’t take action. I wish we had superpowers that when we think about something we get it but well, we are just humans. Our superpower is the ability to create something from nothing, with the power of imagination and skills. The action is required, a law of attraction is beautiful and it works, but a new car, house, girlfriend, boyfriend won’t come if you just keep thinking about it or them. Once you have a vision, plan and you are motivated it’s time to stand up and take action. It can be small steps every single day but you need to keep moving toward your dreams. If you don’t take any action than you are just walking away from your dreams.

So now, what are you going to do? Are you going to go back to Google to keep looking the phrase “Follow Your Dreams”, “How To Achieve Goals” or you are going to create a vision and then plan to achieve it?

Follow Your Dream, Because You Are Worth Achieving It


“Follow Your Dreams – Tips and Motivation”
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