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How To Make Money Writing – Useful Tips

By Kamil Migas

Do you like to write? Do you want to know how to Make Money Writing? Read this post to learn how you can make money writing online.

Many people are wondering how bloggers make their money. This is actually not a difficult thing, but actually, some people don’t even believe that it’s possible to make money writing.

This article and thousands of other articles and blogs are the proof that you can make money online and you can make money blogging.

How Bloggers Make Their Money

There are actually many ways for bloggers to make money. All the money can come from Affiliate Products, their own businesses or by promoting a product or company to their blog’s readers. If you want to start making money sooner, I would suggest you promote on your blog some Affiliate Products. You can make more money by 1 transaction by promoting a company to your readers but before you will do it you need to have readers. So if you are just starting, think about your own business or some affiliate products.

What Are Affiliate Products?

Affiliate Products can be anything, books, DVDs, digital products, online/offline services. An affiliate product is a product that somebody made and you are allowed to sell it for some percentage per sale. So, you can become an Amazon affiliate and place links to some Amazon product on your blog or you can become a member of an affiliate program like THIS ONE and promote their membership and digital products. You gotta choose what’s better for you, a 1 time sell or returning sell which becomes your Residual Income.

What To Write To Make Money Writing?

It’s really up to you. Depends on what product you pick and what kind of audience you want to have you can write about anything. If you choose to sell Motivational books, then you should be writing something about motivation and inspiration. If you choose to sell toothbrushes than you should write a lot about the mouth care.

The point of writing on purpose and making money writing is to attract a specific audience to your blog. Think about it this way. If you are promoting a Rock Band Music DVD’s and you are writing only about Classical Music, probably no one from your readers will ever purchase a Rock Band Music DVD because your content will attract only people who love classical music.

How To Make Money Writing

As I mentioned before you can become an Affiliate of Amazon, ClickBank or This Program. Of course, there are many other sites and companies where you can become an Affiliate but just to give you an idea I mentioned about these 3.

Once you become an Affiliate, you can place Ads and Links on your blog’s sidebar and in the post content. You need to write a content with affiliate links and promote it on social media etc. This is all the basics you need to start making money writing.

If you choose to work with other companies like NIKE, H&M etc. you should build your audience first. Decide what you are going to write about, travel, clothes, sport etc. and start providing content. When you will get let’s say 30K visitors per month you can start making a deal with big companies. Just to let you know, when your blog is going to get popular and you get way above 30K visitors per month, big companies will contact you to make some kind of deal.

No matter which way you choose you can make money writing. If you like writing and sharing your opinion about some topic, it’s a good thing to start writing a blog.

You can learn more about blogging and make money online HERE. This is a course that teaches you everything from A to Z about making money online. How to set up your first blog, what tools to use, how to publish to make it viral and what to write about. If you want to learn more watch this video.

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