eCommerce Web Design Box 289×400



Become the owner of an online shop that works for you 24/7. Start selling your products, services & creativity online. PERBIZGRO e-commerce service is much more than building a simple online shop. You get a personal blog, corporate modules and online shop features in one service.

From handicraft products to thousands of dollars in corporate services, everything can be managed and sold on your very own, online store.
A corporate website with payment gateway or a personal blog with designed t-shirts for sale is not a problem. We bring creativity and technology and help you bring your ideas to life. With advanced on-page and off-page SEO, attraction marketing, and market research, your products can become visible online in the next couple of days!
(Service Details Below)



1. Complete CMS & e-Commerce System Installation and Set Up

1. Custom Header Design

2. Up to 7 Banners Design

3. Up to 15 Pages Design and Configuration

4. Up To 25 Products Placement & Configuration

5. Custom Shopping Cart Design

6. Up To 4 Coupon creation including visual design

7. Products Variations

8. Featured Products & Sales Configuration

9. Payment Gateway Configuration

10. Shipping Configuration

11. Custom Purchase Emails

12. Custom Login & Registration Page

13. Customer Page Set Up & Configuration

14. Up To 3 Custom Menu Configurations & Design

15. Custom Social Media Integration

16. Up to 5 Social Media Banners

17. Plugins Installation and Configuration

18. Custom Widgets Set Up & Configuration

19. Up to 8 Contact Forms

20. Up to 25 Photo Retouches

21. Custom Featured Images Of Each Page

22. Lead Generation Forms

23. Email Autoresponder integration

24. Website Compatibility Across All Browsers And Devices

25. Advanced SEO Set Up and Configuration

26. XML sitemap creation and submission

27. Connecting Website with Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask & Yandex

28. Advanced Analytics Tracking

29. Advanced Security against hackers, spammers & various malware

30. Maintenance for 4 months

31. Instruction on how to upload/change a content

32. Instruction on how to update and change variations of products

33. Instruction on how to change styles, layouts & colors