Bored with your current website layout? Your website is not bringing you sales? It’s time for a change.

Our team will analyze your current website, compare it with other websites of the same industry, will create report and list of suggestions. After you approve the changes we will execute it with only 3 thoughts in mind, first: to make the website better than yesterday, second: make your website more customer friendly to increase potential sales, third:  make you extremely satisfied.

Our service applies for rebuilding your website from the existing site, adding new features and making small but significant changes. And yes! We will do our best to make your website much easier to edit and update by yourself once we are done. That includes detailed instruction on how things work.

Core Values

Fresh Look

We make sure that we turn your old ``grey`` site into a modern attractive website

Advanced Technology

We rebuild your site the way to catch up with modern technology and search engine algorithms

Growth Focus

Our goal is to multiply your results of traffic and conversions with the new website


We will do what's possible to bring your vision to life, even if we have to work more than usual


If you already have products out there, we will make sure your new site matches your branding


We make sure that your website and your client's personal data is very well secured

This Service Includes:

Layout Re-design

Website code changes

Basic SEO Setup

Backup and Security

“How To” Instructions

Website Re-design

Website Re-Design Service
Approximate execution time: 10 – 15 business days
Complete Website Re-Design, Copyright Licence, Custom Images

*all prices are decided individually based on client’s requests
*it’s allowed to customize the order after the project starts